First things first... what the heck is a mandala?

Oh hello there, aren't you a sight for sore eyes!

Welcome to my very first blog :)

I'm so excited you're here and honored I'm able to share my journey with you.

If you've read the 'About' page on the website you can get an idea of my ongoing transformation from corporate slave to free bird yuccie. There will be more blog posts coming up to discuss further, it's quite a tale!

Being the smart cookie that you are, you've probably already worked out that I'm a just a little obsessed with mandalas.

Soooo, let's have a little look at what they are, why they're so special to me and where they may take me in the future.

My first 'serious' mandala.

What is a mandala ?

Let's start with the all-knowing Wikipedia definition:

" A mandala (Sanskrit: मण्डल, lit, circle) is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Indian religions, representing the universe.[1]

In common use, "mandala" has become a generic term for any diagram, chart or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically; a microcosm of the universe."

Mandalas are ancient and have been used across many religions and spiritual practices including Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity. They come in many styles and formats, and are used for various purposes.

Seriously, you can spend a lifetime looking into mandalas and still only scratch the surface.

Lucky I'm reasonably young! haha.


What makes mandalas so special ?

A few years ago, I was introduced to mandalas as a form of art therapy when a dear friend was given mandala drawing as part of her treatment.

She was asked to draw her thoughts, feelings or whatever came to her in a circle. She really loved it and I could see something was working for her.

I was curious to see if there was a benefit to my mental well being too. I figured it was the least I could do for myself, after all, I had the drawing skills after a stint of visual arts at university. I also struggled with meditation and saw drawing mandalas as an alternative to take my mind off all the worries of my world. No harm giving it a go!

So I started drawing my first mandala, a simple little pattern that started from a central point and radiated out across my page. I was loving it and noticed that in the act of drawing the mandala was soothing.

A few more mandalas in I found myself reflecting on the process of creating a mandala and how it mirrors life lessons. I never looked back.

Fast forward a few years and I find a mandala drawing session is a sure fire go-to for sedating my ever racing mind. It gives me focus and respite from the hectic life of inner city living.

Also, the rewards aren't just inner peace and tranquillity, you get a tangible output from the exercise: a unique artwork... WINNING!

Am I still learning lessons through mandala creation? Absolutely!

What more could I ask for, I had finally found my passion.

Next up was working out how to tie that passion into an occupation!


Amandala Life is born!

I wish I could actually remember the date I had the light bulb moment with the name... It was a real turning point for me.

A mandala, Amanda-la, AMANDALA... When I realised how 'Amanda' meshed with 'Mandala' it was a huge 'a-ha!' moment.

With a quick google search I realised there was already a local business called Amandala, a massage and beauty therapy place. Dang!

Not to worry, I'll extend the name.

A Mandala Life, Amandala Life.

I know I won't always be solely creating mandalas as my occupation. I wanted to create a name that could encompass all opportunities that I may take, kinda leaving my options open in a way.

A mandala life is a whole life, a circle of life (yep, I'm quoting Disney now) where one can learn from the patterns. It's about the process of creating magic, of our efforts coming in full circle.

A mandala life recognises the small beginnings that lead to something intricate outcomes, reminding us what amazing things can be achieved when we take tiny steps and simply let go of the desired outcome.


​What's in store for Amandala Life?

Well, I know I want to keep making beautiful upcycled goodies and put my mandala designs out there, this will hopefully never stop (have I mentioned I'm available for commissions?!?).

I do however believe there is an opportunity for Amandala Life to grow and develop into other areas. I'd love to help others discover the mindfulness and meditation qualities of mandalas. Helping others find a way to gain some peace and perspective via something unique and beautiful, there's a tonne of gold in that.

Most of all, I want lead by example and inspire others to take the leap of faith, trust that the universe has your back and will help you make the change to start living a life of passion and purpose.

I have no blueprint to follow, I'm working it out as I go. I am moving forward and into this new life with as much love and as little fear in my heart as I can muster. I'll face challenges and obstacles, I'll learn some tough lessons on the way, and I'll share these with you as I go. Stick around, it'll be an interesting ride!


So there we have it, first blog done and dusted! There's an insight into how this all came to be and where it could go.

Keen to come along with me? I hope so!

I'll leave you with this little nugget as my parting gift. Feel free to download it, share it (with credits of course) and give a mandala a crack yourself, you might fall for them like I have.

Until next time, stay abundant!




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