Amandala Life - Mindful Manifesting Mandalas


The discovery of mindful manifesting with mandalas.

A simple yet highly effective mindfulness activity that involves setting intention,

creating an affirmation and visualising it's fruition as you learn to draw your very own mandala.

The mandala is an extraordinary tool can aid you to

  • gain clarity and vision

  • relieve stress and anxiety

  • practice mindfulness

  • set intentions to achieve goals

  • manifest your desires

Mandala Drawing Classes and Workshops

No previous drawing skills are required, anyone from children to adults can learn to draw these beautiful symbols of universal connection, complexity and growth.

Amanda guides participants through the process of drawing a mandala while providing down to earth insights on how mandalas reflect life and growth.

Contact us if you are interested in a class or incorporating a workshop in your event.

As well as 1-1 lessons,

we can cater and adapt the classes to a wide variety of events such as:

  • Corporate Activities

  • Team Building Workshops

  • Vision Board Workshops

  • Yoga retreats

  • Hens Nights

  • Womens circles

  • Birthday Parties

Download a complimentary Mindful Mandala Sheet to begin your mandala drawing

A mandala drawn by Kim, hooked on mandala drawing after one class!

Kim quickly saw the benefits of the practice and booked Amanda to 

teach a class as part of an event in her space, sharing the magic of mandalas.