Manda, Mandalas and Manifesting... MMM

Hello my beautiful tribe!

I have recently heard of a manifesting ritual where you create your own positive affirmation (eg: I am thankful to be able to design beautiful mandalas that help people and create income for myself) and write it down 55 times a day, over 5 days.

I design mandalas and thought a 55 piece mandala to colour in might be another creative alternative.

There are 11 pieces in each pattern, and 5 different pattern layers in the mandala.

As you colour each section in, you would say your affirmation and visualize as you go.

I am giving Day 1 away for free, download the PDF here

For those of you who would like a different mandala everyday, you can find the full 5 x 55 Mandala Mindfulness pack available for purchase here.

Print them out, grab some pencils or pens and get colouring!

Also, shameless plug here for the fact that I am available for commission work big and small. Hit me up!

I'm keen to hear of you want to see more mandala designs to colour in, let me know your thoughts!

Enjoy the mandalas and as always, be kind.



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